Dynamic Business August 14

The Informer Media Release s Business Australia advice line seeing huge demand The InformerMedia Releases Business Australia advice line seeing huge demand.
Dynamic Business August 13, 2020 36 Business Australia, a free national membership organisation has been inundated with calls from business owners asking for support in the wake of new restrictions to help them navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – with an 65% increase this week to their Stimulus Advice Line.   The organisation has had such an increase in requests for advice they have created an online hub for Coronavirus , offering national and state updates as well as tools and resources for business owners trying to navigate the rapidly changing situation.
The Coronavirus hub features a newly created dedicated resource with tailored advice to support business owners in Victoria manage the impacts of stage 4 and stage 3 restrictions.
Business Australia is encouraging business owners to seek out and apply for support including: Operational ability: Understand if the business is permitted to operate and under what capacity..
Government assistance: Use BA’s free business grant finder tool to browse over 1500 government grants, including additional COVID support in VIC under the Business Support Fund Expansion program via VIC Gov (nearly $600 million in additional support available ).
Right advice: Seek expert help and advice on your business’ COVID Safe plan and workplace H&S, employee management e.g.
COVID Safe guides, calling the Stimulus Advice Line or Financial Distress Line.

Workers Permits: Essential workers in Victoria are required to carry a Workers Permit

Those in the private sector must apply online.
This is the employer’s responsibility ..
Temporary solutions: Speak to a lawyer to get correct information on how to stand-down employees or download a free template here.

Paid Pandemic Leave: knowing when it can be accessed

how and by whom.
Business Australia Chief Customer Experience Officer Richard Spencer is urging businesses to act quickly to protect their businesses and employees, ensuring they understand their obligations as an employer.  Related: Helping your employees manage and accept change in these times “This is an incredibly challenging time for businesses in Australia,” said Mr Spencer.  “With unprecedented restrictions coming into force in this second wave – particularly in Victoria – it is inevitable that we will continue to see more businesses severely impacted, or unfortunately closing, as a consequence.” “We strongly encourage business owners and managers to seek professional advice and take advantage of available financial support to provide the best chance of riding out the crisis.” While there is a lot to consider for businesses right now.

They are not alone – Business Australia is doing its best to provide tools

resources and crucial education to help them survive,” Mr Spencer said.
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business support.
Greater IR flexibility will help take our economy off life support Changes to R&D tax incentives could be a major setback for Australian innovation Dynamic Business Rare Birds program will help 90 women jump-start their businesses.
Dynamic Business August 14, 2020 0 In a fully-funded program announced in June by the Federal Government, Inspiring Rare Birds has awarded scholarships to 90 female business owners from marginalised.
Read more Employers can’t afford to axe mature workers.

Guest Author August 3

2020 0 In this current era of economic adversity, it does not make sense for employers to overlook mature aged workers – because their resilience and.
Read more Small business procurement panel essential to economic recovery.
June 12, 2020 0 The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell says small businesses will play a critical role in the post COVID economic recovery,.
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HCS Pictograms and Hazards Poster

OSHA HCS Pictograms.
HCS Pictograms and Hazards Poster.

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Military Electronic Repair Services.
Your repair services connection… with or without technical data.
Duotech Services, Inc.

Has over 34 years of experience providing a full range of equipment repair Services

Repair… Reverse Engineer… Renew

It is most kids’ dream to have the ability to fly.
Some take that dream and make it a career by learning to fly in the military, commercially, or even just privately.
But many of us just continue to look up at the sky and dream about ‘what if’.
During the Space Age,.
read more.

The F-35 Lightning II is a high performance

stealth, multirole combat aircraft.
Its single Pratt and Whitney F135 turbojet engine propels this extremely smart platform up to Mach 1.6 at 1,200 MPH.

After it was chosen as the Joint Strike Fighter program winner in

read more.
In July 2021, an unmanned jet aircraft will face off against a human-operated fighter jet.
What are the pros and cons of both sides of this battle.
What can this test mean to the future of manned military fighter aircraft.
Its a beautiful, blue-sky day and a young man.
read more.

Colin Kaepernick Added To Madden NFL 21

, , .

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Announced For Xbox Series X And S (VIDEO)

September 9, 2020.
, , .

EA Play Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass At No Additional Cost (VIDEO)

September 9, 2020.
, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Releasing Early To Launch Alongside Xbox Series X.
September 9, 2020.
, .

Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Say “Don’t Believe The Clickbait” Regarding Microtransactions

September 9, 2020.
, Colin Kaepernick Added To Madden NFL 21.
September 9, 2020.

5:10 PM Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Announced For Xbox Series X And S (VIDEO)

5:01 PM EA Play Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass At No Additional Cost (VIDEO)

4:19 PM Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Releasing Early To Launch Alongside Xbox Series X

3:59 PM Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Say “Don’t Believe The Clickbait” Regarding Micro transactions .

3:23 PM Colin Kaepernick Added To Madden NFL 21

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Announced For Xbox Series X And S (VIDEO).
September 9, 2020.
by Hoi Duong.
With the surprise announcement of the Xbox Series S and the confirmed release date of the Xbox Series X, video game release dates are coming out of the woodwork.
With Assassin’s Creed Valhalla revealing their new, earlier launch date, Ubisoft also confirmed the official date for Watch Dogs Legion for current generation platforms and the Xbox Series X and S.

Check it out below: Watch Dogs Legion will launch on Xbox One

PlayStation 4, Stadia, and PC on Oct 29, and on the next generation of Xbox systems on Nov 10.
Buy Xbox One or PlayStation 4 editions and upgrade to the next generation of systems at no additional cost.
pic.twitter.com/8xprCG4g20 — Watch Dogs Legion (@WatchDogs_UK) September 9, 2020 Watch Dogs Legion is an open-world, action-adventure game that takes place years after the events of Watch Dogs 2.
You’ll traverse cobblestone streets to discover iconic landmarks of reimagined London.
Enlist the help of various residents and play as these characters in the midst of a resistance and take the city back from a state of constant surveillance that’s headed by a private military organization.
Check out the gameplay trailer Ubisoft released earlier this Summer.
Watch Dogs Legion is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on October 29th.
The Xbox Series X and S will see it on November 10th – the same day that next-gen consoles are slated to launch.
It will eventually come to the PS5 once the release date for that console has been confirmed.
Pre-orders for all aforementioned platforms are available now however.
What do you think about Watch Dogs Legion.
Are you impressed by the number of NPCs you can play as.
Does the plot of the game sound familiar.
Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page.
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Here are some of our latest: Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Say “Don’t Believe The Clickbait” Regarding Microtransactions.
Colin Kaepernick Added To Madden NFL 21.
Xbox Series X Release Date And Price Officially Confirmed.
Latest Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Operator Is An Italian Special Forces Operative (VIDEO).
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Watch Dog Legion.
Watch Dogs.
EA Play Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass At No Additional Cost (VIDEO).
September 9, 2020.
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Hoi is an elusive figure at DFTG, whose favorite past-times include chillin’ in the Fade, reading manga, watching anime, collecting novelty items, and gaming.

Dead By Daylight Descend Beyond Chapter Adds The Blight (VIDEO)

September 8, 2020.
Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review – “An Enjoyable Remaster That Stays True To The Original”.
September 7, 2020.

Minecraft Live Event Happening Next Month (VIDEO)

September 7, 2020.
Super Mario 35th Anniversary Clothing Line Announced By Nintendo.
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Releasing Early To Launch Alongside Xbox Series X.
September 9, 2020.
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rating Confirms Drugs, Sex, And Much More.
September 7, 2020.
The Division 2 Is Getting A 100-Floor PvE Endgame Mode.
September 5, 2020.

Ubisoft Forward September Event Details Revealed (VIDEO)

September 5, 2020.

Gods And Monsters Receives A Name Change Ahead Of Ubisoft Forward (VIDEO)

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CD Projekt Red Dev Damien Monnier Joins Techland in New Fantasy IP!.
December 13, 2016.
New Evil Within 2 Gameplay Trailer Gives a Terrifying Look at the Horrors That Await (VIDEO).
September 14, 2017.
WATCH: Dragon Ball FighterZ Launch Trailer Features Android 21 Transformation.
January 22, 2018.
Serenity Crew Flies Their Way to Print.
November 1, 2016.
Archer Will No Longer Air on FX for New Season – Opting for Sister Network Instead.
January 4, 2017.
Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Announced For Xbox Series X And S (VIDEO).
September 9, 2020.
EA Play Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass At No Additional Cost (VIDEO).
September 9, 2020.
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Releasing Early To Launch Alongside Xbox Series X.
September 9, 2020.
Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Say “Don’t Believe The Clickbait” Regarding Microtransactions.
September 9, 2020.
Colin Kaepernick Added To Madden NFL 21.
September 9, 2020.
Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Announced For Xbox Series X And S (VIDEO).
EA Play Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass At No Additional Cost (VIDEO).
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Releasing Early To Launch Alongside Xbox Series X.
Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Say “Don’t Believe The Clickbait” Regarding Microtransactions.
Colin Kaepernick Added To Madden NFL 21.

Ich halte Flaggen für genau so überflüssig

August 2016 intern, random random Huch.
Kann sein, dass – wenn ihr in den letzten 30 Min.
dieses Blog via Feed gelesen habt – das da ein Test_Werbeartikel vom Gamez-Ninja zu sehen war.
Das war ein Versehen und der Feed hier bleibt natürlich werbefrei.
Ich brauche Urlaub und den habe ich bald und dann melde ich mich mal und sowas alles.
Bis dann. 8.
AIDS Life/Cycle: Support Matthias.
April 2016 random random Mein geschätzter Ex-Kollege Matthias schreibt mir:Ich nehme die Herausforderung an und fahre vom 05.-11.06.2016 beim AIDS/LifeCycle in den USA mit.
880 Kilometer auf dem Fahrrad gegen Ausgrenzung und Stigmatisierung von Menschen mit HIV und zur Unterstützung der Arbeit der Projekte in den USA.
Ihr könnt euch denken, dass so ’ne Tour nicht ganz for free vonstatten  geht; Matthias braucht Kohle; ich hab‘ ihm gerade bissl was in die Tüte gepackt, evtl.
macht ihr das ja auch, gute Sache und so.
Hier mehr Infos.
April 2016 random catcontent catsforsatan.tumblr.com.
via Fritz.
She made a lipstick robot.
Februar 2016 random random Love it.
Kommt ganz viel zusammen, in dem Video.
Abo, ja!Danke @ E.

Die Katze Jesperpus geht mit ihrem Menschen Skifahren

Februar 2016 nature, norge, random catcontent, nature, norge, random Die Headline habe ich 1:1 vom Marco geklaut, wo ich das Video eben sah.
Ich erlaube mir derzeit den Luxus, vor Arbeitsbeginn immer so 15-20 Minuten Internetvideos anzusehen.
Das entspannt und stärkt für den Tag.
Das hier war mein heutiger Tages-Start .
Was ne coole Kitty.

Soviel weiß ich über Katzen: Die hat zumindest mal keine Angst oder Panik

bei dem was sie da tut.

Ich muss auch an Burma – bzw an den Artikel von neulich mit der coolsten Wander/Insta-Cat

ever – denken.
Wie macht man das als Mensch.
Muss man das Tier von Anfang an trimmen.
Nimmt man die einfach mal mit in die Eifel und bindet sie an eine Leine?Ohne Witz.
Meine Katze ist schlau, …aber etwas trottelig.
Mich reizt es so, sowas in der Art auch mal zu probieren.
Ich hatte mal eine Gast-Katze, die ist auch ca.
3,5 Kilometer mit Spazieren gegangen; hier in der Großstadt.
Ab in den nächsten Park (was in Köln kein Problem ist, dafür sorgte übrigens Herr Adenauer, der in einer – bis heute geltenden Bauvorschrift – festgelegt hat, dass KEIN Kölner von seinem Haus / seiner Wohnung länger als 10 Gehminuten von einer Grünfläche entfernt leben darf.
Guter Mann!).
Jedenfalls ist „Paule“ – so hieß der fette Kater – dann immer unter Autos neben her gelaufen, und überquerte eine (mittelgroße) Straße erst dann, wenn man ihn von der anderen Seite gerufen hat.
Dann isser mit in den Park, auch bei völliger Dunkelheit (was für mich natürlich eher problematisch war als für ihn).
Ab und zu kam der dann wie so ein aufmüpfiger Jagdhund aus dem Unterholz gehüpft, mauzte, querte meinen Weg und verschwand auf der anderen Seite wieder im Busch.
Man hörte ihn aber meist auf der Höhe des Weges umherwuseln, auf der man sich selbst befand.
Ein paar mal ist er dann aber vorgerannt, so 1 Kilometer oder was mehr.
Das war ihm dann aber auch nicht geheuer: da setzt sich die dicke Katze mitten in der Nacht mitten auf die Parkwiese und heult wie ein Wolf.
Bis er mich dann sah, dann war wieder alles ok, und er verschwand wieder in der Dunkelheit.
Sobald ich dann die  Park-Runde durch hatte, traf ich ihn meist am Parkausgang wieder.
Ab und zu musste ich aber auch rufen und auf ihn warten.
Hat aber immer geklappt und ich fand das ganz schön aufregend, spannend und ziemlich mutig von dem dicken Tier.

Ich will mit meiner Katze mal wandern gehen. Geht das

Wo finde ich raus wie.
Einfach machen.
Ach: Jesperpus ist Norweger .
War klar, oder?Mehr im YT-Channel.
Februar 2016 random random, win3.1 Och jee.
Ich fühle mich’… glücklich.
Besser ich fühle mich nostalgisch, weil ich mich an ein früheres Glücksgefühl erinnere. Als ich mit 11 Jahren das erste mal Windows 3.11 (Codename: Janus!) sah, war ich glücklich.
Es war so bunt.
Und so neu.
Und so…schnell.
Das wirkte einfach wie… irgendwas aus dem Fernseher;…in echt.
und vor meinen Augen.
Knight Rider v on Microsoft .
Auf meinem Tisch.
Total krass.
Das Teil lief – wenn ich es noch richtig weiß – auf einem  „286er“ mit 1nem Megabyte RAM.
Ein Teufelsgerät .
Und ich glaube die Maschine konnte da schon kleine Disketten 😉 Hach.
Der Max hat auf archive.org ’nen echten Win3.11-Emulator entdeckt (Linkt folgt, ich muss noch was loswerden).
Ist doch krass: Früher brauchte es für so ein Programm einen PC, so groß wie die halbe Küche.
Heute startest du dieses OS über EINEN Browserklick.
Im Browser.
Mit’m Handy.
Und am anderen Ende der Welt emuliert in Echtzeit ein… undsoweiter.
– Ich find’s krass.
Klick-Glück: archive.org/details/win3_stock.
Hasskommentar-Konverter für Facebook.
Februar 2016 random hacking, random Pahahahha, der Alex ey:Ich war fleißig am Sonntagnachmittag und habe meinen “ Hasskommentar-Konverter ” für Facebook fertig gestellt.
Er wandelt Hasskommentare in lustigere Sätze um.
Bei Adolf war alles besser.
-> Bei Kevin war alles besser.
Wir sind nicht das Sozialamt der Welt.
-> Wir sind nicht das IKEA der Welt.
Asylbewerber sollte man alle vergasen.
-> Justin Bieber Fans sollte man alle zum Kuchen einladen.
Derzeit nur für Chrome.
Was mir gut passt.
Merci, Alex, jetzt hab‘ ich wieder ’nen Ticken mehr Bock auf FB 🙂 22.

Die dummen Nazis und die norwegische Flagge

Februar 2016 norge, politics, random politics, random Ach herrje.
Ich weiß nicht so recht, wo ich anfangen soll.
Ich finde Nazis doof.
Das steht.
Ich finde alle Flaggen doof.
Das steht …so einigermaßen.
Ich halte Flaggen für genau so überflüssig, wie staatliche Grenzen.
Und bin mir der Utopie (Realitätsflucht?), die in diesen Gedanken steckt, doch sehr bewusst.
Doch: Was wär‘ ein Leben ohne Utopien.
– Eben.

Meine anarchistischen Anti-Flaggen Gedanken verstehe ich als philosophisches Gedankengut

welches pragmatische Ansätze für Diskurse in die verschiedensten Ecken der Gesellschaft / der Gesellschafts-Philosophie bietet: Saat und Grenze -> Ideen in Köpfen, keine Fakten, ergo -> Warum nicht überwinden.

Bei Flaggen sieht das anders aus: Die gibt es

Und ich finde sie doch recht dämlich, weil sie weit über eine philosophische Denkidee hinaus gehen; die sind Fakt und hängen überall rum; im dööfsten aller Fälle werden sie von Idioten mit dämlichen Ideologien im Kopp umhergeschwenkt.
Harmlos finde ich sie in Strebergärten aber auch nicht.
In beiden Fällen kann ich aber nur minimal was dran ändern (zb.
in dem ich Fahnenschwenker persönlich anranze – was an Fastelovend eher doof ausgehen kann – oder meinen Unmut verschriftliche, hier oder hier).
Was ich aber kann: Meine philosophischen Gedanken beiseite schieben, zugeben, dass ich – wenn ich in Norwegen NorwegerInnen ihre Flagge hissen sehe – ein warmes Gefühl empfinde, und endlich mal klarstelle, .

Dass die Flagge meines liebsten Urlaublandes keine Flagge der Nazis ist

Ihr kennt die PEGIDA-Bilder alle: Viele hirnlose Plakate mit Nachdenkliche Sprüche mit Bilder darauf.
Dazwischen immer wieder ein paar Schwarz-Rot-Güldene,… und dann immer wieder diese hier:Oder, bei den Nazi-Profis, mit Gold statt Weiß drin.
Dazu gleich mehr.

Es ist wahr: Dass diese Flagge von Idioten geschwenkt wird

liegt größtenteils an der Klamotten-Marke  Thor Steinar. Da hat der Missbrauch seinen Ursprung:Die meisten Textilien tragen den Schriftzug Thor Steinar und das neue oder alte Logo der Firma.

Letzteres wurde oft auch in Verbindung mit der norwegischen Flagge verwendet

wobei sich das Logo meist in der Mitte des Kreuzes der norwegischen Flagge befand.

Bei neueren Textilien wird dagegen die originale norwegische Flagge verwendet

Die Regierung von Norwegen wandte sich bereits 2006 an deutsche Behörden, um den Missbrauch der norwegischen Flagge zu unterbinden.
Und was passiert wenn ein Staat mit einem Staat spricht.
– Eben.
Der norwegische Staat erstattete im Februar 2008 Anzeige gegen die Firma, da diese auf zahlreichen Bekleidungstücken die Staatsflagge Norwegens aufgenäht hatte.
Der demokratische Staat Norwegen wolle nicht, dass Neonazis die Flagge für ihre Werbezwecke missbrauchen, so der Gesandte Norwegens in Deutschland.
Gegen den ergangenen Bußgeldbescheid der Staatsanwaltschaft legte die Firma Widerspruch ein.
Eine Entscheidung stand im November noch aus, nachdem sich das Potsdamer Amtsgericht für „örtlich nicht zuständig“ erklärt und das Verfahren nach Bonn abgegeben hatte.(Diese Bürokratie und das ganze Geschwurbel entlarvt die Idee Nationalstaat auf ganz hervorragende Weise!).
„nachdem sich das Potsdamer Amtsgericht für „örtlich nicht zuständig“ erklärt…“ -> Wooot.
Was für ’ne Gelegenheit die sich entgehen lassen.
– Die scheiss Nazis auf dem Potsdamer Amtsgericht.
Die tragen sicher alle Thor Steiner drunter.
Die Fucker.
– Man kann noch ’ne ganze Menge darüber nachlesen, was Norwegen – tatsächlich aber auch einige deutsche engagierte Bürger (Farbbeutelanschläge!) – gegen diese Markenaffen von Thor Steinar unternommen haben.
Auch erfährt man, dass die Norske Legion, eine Waffen-SS, einen ganz besondern Ruf unter Nazis genießt und diese Flagge von genau der SS halt ’ne Erklärung dafür ist, warum die besorgten Bürger heute die norwegische Flagge schwenken. Andere sagen Herr Wirmer sei schuld (der einer von denen war, die Hitler ermorden wollten – was dann so aus Nazi-Sicht noch weniger Sinn ergibt…) –  Gleichermaßen hirnlos, wie langweilig, beide Erklärungen.
Letztlich ist die meistgenannte Erklärung dafür – die übrigens auch von Rechten oft vorgetragen wird – diese: Die norwegische Flagge steht für den nordischen Menschen.
Mehr steckt da nicht hinter, ich hab’s recherchiert.
Alles was da sonst an wissenschaftlichen Erklärungen zusammengeschwurbelt wird, kann man getrost unter Aluhut ablegen.
Im übrigen: Nördlich.
Wenn ich in Kapstadt sitze liegt Syrien auch eher nördlich.
Ich hab‘ die Idealisierung von Himmelsrichtungen nie kapiert.
Was können die dafür.
Nun ja.
Und irgendwas unwahres über Wikinger, das ist deren Erklärung dafür.
Ohne Witz.
– Wie blöd muss man sein?…und damit frisst meine Artikel auch die eigene Headline: Es gibt keinen Kontext zwischen der Flagge und den Faschisten.
Keinen, der Sinn ergibt.
Vielleicht erklärt ihr das mal denen, die die schwenken.
Falls möglich.
Zum Ende hin aber vielleicht noch etwas (positive?) Wahrheit.
Wofür steht die Flagge eigentlich außerhalb der Aluhut-Sphäre.
Eigentlich für ganz schöne Dinge: Frederik Meltzer hat sie erfunden, die echte meine ich: Frederik Meltzer war ein norwegischer Kaufmann und Politiker.
Über den kann man auch viel nachlesen.
Zitieren möchte ich in dem Kontext die tolle Website norwegenservice.net:Meltzer begründete seine Wahl damit, dass die Flagge auf den Idealen der französischen Revolution basierende Farben trage.
Freiheit, Gleichheit und Brüderlichkeit stehen also untrennbar mit Norwegens Flagge in Verbindung. Übrigens, das Kreuz, wie es auch die norwegische Fahne trägt, steht nicht nicht nur für den christlichen Glauben und damit für Nächstenliebe, Frieden (!) und Erlösung, sondern auch für die vier Himmelsrichtungen unserer gemeinsamen Welt. Dazu passt, dass man in der norwegischen Fahne die Nationalflaggen Frankreichs, Finnlands, Thailands, Polens, Indonesiens, der Niederlande und Monacos entdecken kann.
Eine Vielzahl, die wohl keine andere Fahne der Welt in sich vereint. Zudem sollen laut Meltzer das Rot und das Blau auf die Nationalfarben der Nachbarländer Dänemark und Schweden verweisen, was das Thema Brüderlichkeit mit anderen Völkern nochmal unterstreicht.
Ende. 24.
Stimmung an der Heimatfront.
Februar 2016 random random Ich hab‘ es eben schon auf FB geteilt.
Muss ich hier aber auch haben.
Böse geht immer.via Patrick auf FB.
Older posts.

dieses Blog via Feed gelesen habt →  8

Das Blog ist tot.
Es lebe das Blog.
Bild: Die Anfänge des Blogs.
Jesses, was habe ich lange überlegt, wie es hier weiter gehen kann.
Fazit: →  12.

Cyberpunk The Magnetic Zeros – Perfect Time

Eddy <3 →  6. music Lost Ember – Official Teaser 2016. Wieder ein Tier. →  7. games Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros -Wake Up The Sun .
music Trailer: Lunatique.
→  7.
movies #denmark.
offlinezeit →  12.
reisen Huch.
Kann sein, dass – wenn ihr in den letzten 30 Min.
dieses Blog via Feed gelesen habt →  8.

Intern Niffelheim – Launch Trailer

Be a Viking, dude.

Games Transport Fever – Gamescom Trailer

Teil 2 →  4.
games The First Tree – Official Teaser.
Heute in schön.
games ⋅ Kommentare deaktiviert für The First Tree – Official Teaser José Larralde – Quimey Neuquén.
I love argentinischen Folk.
→  8.

Music Kickstart: System Shock

Uuhhh yeeeeaa.
games Son of Dave – Voodoo Doll.
rockt →.
music All Cosmic Journeys .
→  14.
space They Call Me Trinity .
Trinity DUDES.
→  18.
Mehr Kaffee →.
cyberpunk Iggy Pop – The Passenger.
Iggy Dudes.
→  12.
music NOFX – Kill All the White Man.
kill em →.
music 35 / Musik!.
Ich schenke euch und mir heute – da ich den ganzen Tag im Homeoffice bin und erst →.

Music Ferrari 512 S Modulo

want →.
art Das Nazi-Kugelhaus .
rund →  12.

Architektur Mini-Review: slither.io

snake 3.0 →  16.
games AIDS Life/Cycle : Support Matthias!.
→  11.
random Redefreiheit .
Gehen Sie weiter.
puh →  17.
politics Player Two.
wuhu, crazy ghost →.
games Gamereview: The Flame in the Flood.
Survival light →.

Games Kickstart: A Living Dog – A Science Fiction Feature Film

SciFi aus Deutschland.
→  11.

Movies Tokyo 42 – Announcement Trailer

PixPix →  12.
games The Lumineers – Ophelia.
oh oh →  9.

Music Schweden hat eine Telefonnummer!

Call a Schweden →  11.

Marketing ⋅ Kommentare deaktiviert für Schweden hat eine Telefonnummer

Outsch →  8.
bots catsforsatan.tumblr.com.
→  12.
random AI Teaching Tablet for African Children.
AI Tablets, Dudes.
science System Shock 1 Remastered.
can’t wait.
games Der Schwarzer Block der 80er.
… →  18.

Anarchie Drummer bekommt dritten Arm

3x Drum →.
cyberpunk She made a lipstick robot.
Planet Erde, 2016 →.

Random Die Katze Jesperpus geht mit ihrem Menschen Skifahren

Ich will es auch.
→  11.
nature The Migration!.
Die Trabbis unter den Hirschen.
→  9.
nature (ein halber) Lesetipp: Telluria: von Vladimir Sorokin.
Was ne geile Schreibe.
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Windows Server 2012 (2 processor)

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Internet Access

Internet Access.
4G Booster & NMEA Interface .

From: 940.00 “This pack includes 4GConnect Pro & iKommunicate

I deal solution to get a fast internet access on board and to receive in real time all the navigation data on apps & software.” Select options.
4G Booster, WiFi Extender & NMEA Interface .
From: 1,520.00 “This solution integrate s the WL510 hi power wifi system with 4G Connect allowing both 4G and wifi hotspot internet access.
iKommunicate, our universal NMEA 0183, 2000 and Signal K interface can also connect to the LAN port providing boat NMEA navigation, instrumentation and engine data on the wifi network for use with navigation apps.” Select options.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage.
Media Coverage.
Electronic Design, AI, Semantic Web Turn Digital Note-Taking into Advancing Knowledge ServicesOctober 28, 2019 DFKI, Notes with Added Value – DFKI and Wacom Realize Individual Knowledge ManagementNovember 28, 2018 Good E-Reader, E-Ink Joins Digital Stationery WorkgroupJanuary 29, 2018 Electronic Design, The Universal Digital Ink Revolution: Cross-Industry Collaboration Around AI, AR, and VRJanuary 23, 2018 Electronic Design, Get Ready for a Wealth of Embedded Design Hardware and Software Options for 2018December 22, 2017 Yahoo, Digital Stationery Consortium Publishes White Paper on the Business Opportunities Afforded by Universal Digital Ink TechnologyNovember 16, 2017 Start Tribune, Digital Stationery Consortium Publishes White Paper on the Business Opportunities Afforded by Universal Digital Ink TechnologyNovember 16, 2017 Miami Herald, Digital Stationery Consortium Publishes White Paper on the Business Opportunities Afforded by Universal Digital Ink TechnologyNovember 16, 2017 Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Digital Stationery Consortium Publishes White Paper on the Business Opportunities Afforded by Universal Digital Ink TechnologyNovember 16, 2017 Daily News, Digital Stationery Consortium Publishes White Paper on the Business Opportunities Afforded by Universal Digital Ink TechnologyNovember 16, 2017 IT Wire, Digital Stationery Consortium’ invites devs and innovators with free one-year membershipAugust 21, 2017 MacTech.

Digital Stationery Consortium offers free membership for start-ups

nonprofitsAugust 16, 2017 Bloomberg, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for aMay 18.
2017 Touch Display Research, May Report: Samsung OLED Fabs, Micro LED, Touch Panel for Vertical MarketMay 18, 2017 DSC Forms Digital Ink Working Groups, Office Products International May 18.
2017 Marketwatch, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 18, 2017 Good E-Reader, WACOM Starts A New Digital Ink CompanyMay 17, 2017 IoT Design.

Digital Stationery Consortium Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 17

2017 The Miami Herald, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink Framework May 17, 2017May 17, 2017 SPI News, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 17, 2017 ABC6, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 17, 2017 NBC WFMJ, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 17, 2017 Charlotte Observer, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 17, 2017 CBS News Channel 10,, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 17, 2017 TechBriefing, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 17, 2017 TMCNet, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association Lays Groundwork for a Universal Digital Ink FrameworkMay 17, 2017 Net, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Joins the Digital Stationery Consortium at the Board Level; Association La.

As far as Adobe Premiere Pro CC goes

Adobe Premiere Pro Review | Can Video Editing Get Any Better

Post Author: Digital Software Products .
Post published: June 1, 2020.
Post Category:.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the most widely used video editing suites in professional circles worldwide.
In terms of power, performance and all-round versatility, .

You’ll rarely encounter an Adobe Premiere Pro review with a single negative thing to say

Packed with extraordinary features and recommended by established moviemakers, .

Premiere Pro is considered the gold standard by those in the know

But is Premiere Pro worth the money

More specifically, is the current Adobe Premiere Pro price a fair price to pay for the various features and functionalities it brings to the table?In this wholly independent Adobe Premiere Pro review (based entirely on my own experiences), that’s the question I’ll be looking to answer.

Having put Premiere Pro CC well and truly through its paces

I know exactly how this all-action editing suite performs when put to the test.
For comparison, you should check out my VideoProc review as well as my ​ Animoto review .
Adobe Premiere Pro Review.
In case you wondered, the answer is yes – premiere pro is available in a variety of different formats, including annual paid packages and on-going subscription s.
There’s also a free 30-day trial available for some Premiere Adobe products, providing a taste of what’s on offer before committing to a contract.
By a considerable margin, Adobe video editing software is the number-one choice for amateurs and professional s on a global basis.
It is the go-to for film studios and independent filmmakers in Hollywood, providing everything needed to transform raw footage into mind blowing cinematographic masterpieces with the help of video editing tips.
Despite being so incredibly feature rich and comprehensive in its content, this elite Adobe editing software is also surprisingly user-friendly.
It also has a comparatively modest system requirements (when considering its capabilities), outlined by Adobe as follows: Operating system: Windows 7 or later/Mac OS X 10.11 or later Processor: Multicore processor with 64-bit support RAM: 8 GB RAM (16 GB or 32 GB recommended) Hard drive space: 8 GB of available hard-disk space for installation plus extra during installation Display: 1280×800 display (1920×1080 or higher recommended) Sound card: Compatibility with ASIO protocol or Microsoft Windows Driver Model / Apple Core Audio Optional: Adobe-recommended GPU card for GPU-accelerated performance From top to bottom, this isn’t a great deal to ask of a modern machine.
I do my Adobe video editing on what I would consider to be a relatively modest machine (though well above these minimum requirements) and the whole thing runs like a dream.
It even does the business on my laptop, which again isn’t particularly NASA-worthy in its power and performance.
Video effects.
Moving on to the most important features of Premiere Pro – i.e.
the video effects you’ll be using most often – there’s no shortage of interesting and exciting goodies to try out.
Color enhancement and manipulation is made relatively straightforward with the following effects:Setting Effects – Incorporates automatic level, automatic contrast and automatic color correction effects, with intelligent scene detection and automatic gamma value adjustment for perfect balance and consistency.
“Lighting” Effect – A great tool for enhancing the brightness/lightness of a clip, which allows for up to five sources of light to be added to the clip from different directions.
All of which are adjustable by way of their color, intensity, direction and lighting type.
Extract Effect – A fantastic feature for removing some of the colors from your video, presenting anything with a brightness value less than the black input level or greater than the white input level in black – the rest in grey or white.
Convolution Kernel Effect – Uses a mathematical operation (convolution) to alter the brightness value of every pixel in the footage, which can make a big difference when adjusting sharpness, blurring, embossing and other effects.
Levels Effects – Quick and easy adjustments to the contrast and color of the footage, which combines Brightness and Contrast, Gamma Correction and Color Balance into an intuitive and user-friendly tool.
“Shadow/Light” Effect – Provides accurate and precise brightening of shadowed objects, without altering the brightness of the rest of the image.  An excellent tool for adjusting the intensity or otherwise of shadows and correcting backlight issues detected after filming.
This list is far from exhaustive, but nonetheless provides an indication of just a few of the main features used to enhance and improve the quality of raw video footage with Premiere Pro.
Each of which is surprisingly easy to get to grips with – experimentation often holding the key to superior results.
Blur and Sharpness Effects.
Strategic addition of blur to specific visuals and elements in a video clip can make a real difference.
Particularly when looking to give the impression that an object is out of focus or create a feeling of movement, the appropriate application of blur and sharpness effects can have a real impact.
Premiere Pro does a great job making it easy (and extremely satisfying) to play around with blur and sharpness, with the following effects available among others:Composite Blur Effect – Also known as a blur layer or blur map, the composite blur effect manipulates the appearance of the pixels based on the control clip’s brightness values.
In its default setting, Adobe adds less blur to darker values and higher blur to brighter values.
Directional Blur Effect – The classic effect for making it look as if one or more elements within the clip are moving in any given direction, which can be adjusted in terms of speed, intensity and so on.
“Unsharp Mask” Effect – Achieves an interesting effect by manipulating the colors defining the border for greater contrast and definition.
Quick Blur Effect – Used to apply a blur effect to a much larger area in a quick and easy way, much like the “Gaussian Blur” though faster and more sophisticated.
Again, this barely scratches the surface with regard to what’s possible with Adobe Premiere CC, which is by far one of the most dynamic and sophisticated software suites available where blur and sharpness effects are concerned.
Color Correction Effects.
Whether looking to correct issues and inconsistencies with your raw footage or simply bring your movie to life with enhanced colors and contrasts, Premiere Pro takes care of everything at the touch of a button.”Brightness and Contrast” Effect – Making adjustments to the contrast and brightness of an entire movie is an absolute cakewalk with Premiere Pro, which makes it easy to alter the tonal range of the on-screen image with a simple sliding scale.
“Color Balance” Effect – Accurately targets the light areas, mid tones and shadows of the image, enabling the user to alter the amount of blue, red and green accordingly.
“Brightness Corrector” Effect – Also used to address issues in the light areas, mid tones and shadows of the image, for quick and easy adjustments to contrast and brightness.
Color Change Effect – Adjust the hue, brightness and saturation of a color range to change the color of the image in its entirety.
“Change to Color” Effect – An intuitive feature that enables the user to change any color in the image to any other color, though without affecting the rest of the image.
Color Adjustment – For the more advanced user, Premiere’s Lumetri Color Tools effectively bring some of the most powerful and versatile functionalities of Adobe Photoshop to this impressive video editing suite.  All of which opens the door to infinite scope for manipulation of colors and the introduction of various visual effects for added impact.
If you know your way around Photoshop, you’ll find this an absolute godsend.
Even where some of the main color correction capabilities and features of Premiere Pro are quite complex, it really doesn’t take long to get your head around their purpose or how to use them.
There’s a learning curve to negotiate, but the user interface is so intuitive that no skill or experience is necessary to make cool things happen with this software suite.
Audio Editing.
It’s a similar tale of intuitiveness and user friendliness with Premiere Pro’s audio editing features.
The Audio Mixer has been designed to simplify the adjustment of various values and to bring a variety of audio effects into the mix where required.
Audio volume, balance, panning and so on are all a breeze to adjust with the clear visual indicators, as is switching between such audio types as 5.1 surround sound, stereo, mono and adaptive.
If you’re planning on focusing heavily on the quality of your movie’s audio, it may also be worth investing in Adobe Audition.
One of the neatest functionalities of Premiere Pro (in audio stakes) is being able to switch between Premiere and Audition, seamlessly integrating the two packages together to make use of Audition’s world-class audio editing features.
Like Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition has an initial learning curve to get to grips with, after which it becomes astonishingly easy to produce industry-quality audio.
Creating or Opening a Project.
Unsurprisingly, Premiere Pro doesn’t make a song and dance about the process of creating, opening and saving projects.
You’ll be prompted with the option of starting a new project on the welcome screen after booting of the software, or you can simply choose the option you need from the ‘File’ menu as you’d expect.
One important tip from me personally – be sure to set up a whole bunch of clearly-labelled folders to store equally clearly-labelled files.
The more you progress through your project, the more you find yourself dealing with dozens or even hundreds of different files and file types that can make things chaotic and confusing to say the least.
Mercifully, Premiere Pro does also have an ‘Autosave’ feature activated as standard, so you’re unlikely to lose more than say half an hour’s work at the most, if you forget to save your edits.
Capture and Import Video.
Recording video directly into Premiere Pro is an option, though isn’t the typical approach of most moviemakers.
In any case, the capture panel can be used in conjunction with any compatible video camera or connected device to record footage directly into Premiere Pro, which can then be saved in a variety of formats.
The alternative – and most common approach – is to import video by way of various digital media files.
You can capture video from streaming media (such as an external VHS or DVD player), or you can simply fire your video files, image files and audio files straight into Premiere Pro.
If you’ve any old VHS tapes or camcorder videos you’d like to give the 21st century treatment, you can capture them using Premiere Pro and bring them back to life with a whole bunch of cool features and enhancements.
A great way ofpreserving old footage that would otherwise continue to degrade and deteriorate.
Episode Build and Detailization.
Premiere Pro provides a fantastic ‘point and click’ visual interface for viewing your video clips, marking important frames, setting edit points and generally playing around with them, prior to them being added to the current episode.
It’s often much easier and convenient to split primary video clips into a series of smaller sub-clips, which can then be worked on individually one at a time.
The audio for each clip is detailed in a separate bar as a waveform, which likewise can be edited and adjusted in a variety of ways before being finalized and added to the episode.
Addition of Transitions and Effects.
Using transitions to create a smooth and seamless shift from one clip to the next really couldn’t be easier – you simply head to the effects panel and choose from an extensive list of options.
Each of which can be previewed before applying it, so you can experiment with a whole bunch of transitions and effects to see which work with your movie.
You can also adjust the speed, opacity and other aspects of the transitions in a variety of ways, which can be useful if looking to use transitions that are particularly intense or as subtle as possible.
Audio Mixing.
I mentioned previously that using Premiere Pro in conjunction with Adobe Audition is an absolute dream come true.
However, it’s also technically unnecessary, as Premiere Pro comes complete with an impressive and fully functional audio track mixer as a standard part of the suite.
This is basically a fully digitized version of a classic audio mixer, which features a variety of sliders to control effects, motion functions, panning, fading and so on.
All changes are saved in real-time, so you won’t lose any of your adjustments if things go wrong.  Premiere Pro Project Shift to Another System.
Premiere Pro is compatible with a variety of platforms and has been designed with a certain amount of cross-compatibility in mind.
This means that it’s technically possible to begin your project on Mac OS and later shift it to a Windows PC, though it’s important to remember that some features and functionalities are different from one platform to the next.
For the most part, Premiere Pro is programmed to make the necessary adjustments when switching between platforms to keep things as seamless as possible.
However, there are some video effects that are exclusive to Windows that are not currently available on Mac.
Such effects are labeled in Premiere Pro Help as “Windows only” and should be consulted if planning to switch between the platforms.
Regular updates to both software packages adjust these compatibility issues from time to time, therefore it’s worth checking at the time of your project.
No such issues with audio effects, which across the board are identical on both Windows and Mac platforms.
Though it’s worth noting that Windows AVI files containing uncompressed 10-bit 4: 2: 2 video (v210) or 8-bit uncompressed 4: 2: 2 video (UYVU) are not supported on Mac OS.
Switching between platforms isn’t normally an issue, though there are many instances where you’re happier with your original choice and ended switching back.
Adobe Premiere Pro Plug-ins.
There are 38 rendering options built into Premiere Pro as standard, which is more than enough for most everyday video editing projects.
If not, there’s also an extensive (and continuously growing) library of plug-ins and addons to choose from.
Some of which are free – others selling for surprisingly high prices, though are still well worth checking out.
In terms of the most popular free plugins available for Premiere Pro right now, I’d strongly recommend taking a look of the following to up your editing game:Power Window – A simple yet highly impressive plugin for bringing a Power Window effect into your clips, which can be created in oval and rectangular shapes in just about any size and subsequently moved, rotated and manipulated (inside and out) in a variety of ways.
Pure Contrast – True to its name, this powerful plugin have been designed specifically to adjust the contrast of the clip with pinpoint precision, without influencing saturation in any way.
Atomic Stretch – An enjoyable and entertaining plugin that enables you to play with the orientation of a video clip in real-time, adjusting the aspect ratio however you like and bringing something new and interesting to your clips.
Temperature – Fantastic for quickly and easily altering the shade and temperature of the image to an extent that goes beyond the capabilities of Premiere Pro.
CoreMelt Free – Great for adding a series of additional effects to your videos that aren’t included in Premiere Pro as standard, including but not limited to soft edge wipe, god rays, blowout, advanced vignette, analog glitch, old TV effects and more.
Vignette – Everybody loves a good vignette, so why not go for the gold standard used by millions of professional movie makers worldwide?  Customize your vignettes in any and every way you can think of to create a truly unique effect.
As the library of available plug-ins for Premiere Pro is being expanded all the time, it’s worth keeping your ear to the ground for the latest releases. In addition, Premiere Pro itself is also being continuously enhanced and improved with regular updates, so you can expect various new features and functionalities to be added to the mix along the way.

What Has Been Added to the New Premiere Pro CC version?

The latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud) received rave reviews from critics when it hit the scene a while back.
But what exactly is different about the new version of Premiere Pro that makes it a worthwhile purchase?Among others, the following represent just a few of new features added to the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC:Significantly enhanced performance and final rendering.
Optimized image processing.
Improved QuickTime 32 file visibility.
Updated Adobe Stock search filters.
Native support for multiple new formats.
New Lumetri Color panel features.
‘Consolidate Duplicates’ feature to delete file copies.
User interface enhancements.
H.264 and HEVC formats now supported.
If you’re a power user with extensive experience using previous versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, there’s a clear and welcome difference with the latest version.
Particularly when it comes to intuitiveness, user friendliness and general support for contemporary file types, they’ve stepped up their game with the newest version of the suite significantly.
Multi-Camera Angle Editing.
Under the most enjoyable features to play around with when experimenting with Adobe Premiere Pro is its multi-camera angle editing feature.
This enables the user to create clips from a variety of angles using multiple cameras, which can be synchronized and subsequently switched between to create dramatic multi-angle clips for maximum impact.
This is significantly more efficient and convenient than the traditional approach, which involves clearing each camera/angle on a separate timeline track, before viewing them individually and selecting which shots to use for the final cut.  With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can see every camera/angle at the same time and switch between the markers, which can be adjusted with ease until you’re happy with the result.
Titles and Captions.
I won’t go into too much detail as far as titles and captions are concerned, .

Given how easy Adobe Premiere Pro makes it to insert them into your clips

Headings, captions and titles can be created using an extensive range of fonts and further enhanced with an equally long list of effects, enabling the user to take complete control of things like opacity, rotation, color, shadow, motion blur, 3D effects and so on.

Adobe Premiere Pro is compatible with XML and SRT files

which can be useful if looking to create subtitle files for your videos, or accompanying captions of any kind.  Most of the general text editing features of Adobe Photoshop has been incorporated in Adobe Premiere Pro, opening the door to literally limitless customization options.
Output and Performance.
Likewise, there’s not a great deal that needs to be said about the output and export features Adobe Premiere Pro brings to the table.
If you prefer to handle things manually, you can customize the output file in just about any way you can think of – resolution, bitrate, video format, compression level and so on.
For those who prefer to keep things simple, there’s the option of using Adobe Encoder to compress and export your videos in a variety of preset formats.
For example, you can directly export your video files to Vimeo, Twitter or Facebook in the appropriate format, or export them in Blu-ray or DV format to the media of your choosing.
Various present encoding and export options are also available for mobile phones and tablets, separated in accordance with operating systems, device type, screen size, resolution and so on.
Wherever you intend to watch and showcase your content, .

Adobe Premiere Pro makes it easy

Final verdict.
Just to clarify one important point, the answer is no – I’m not a professional movie maker by trade.
I’d be more inclined to call myself a serious hobbyist – someone who spends a ton of time making and editing videos, though not for business purposes.
In any case, I’ve been using Adobe’s video, photo and audio editing suites since their very first incarnations decades ago.
So I’m in a pretty good position to establish if and to what extent they are upping the ante with each subsequent update.
As far as Adobe Premiere Pro CC goes, I can confirm without hesitation that yes – it’s by far the best video editing suite they’ve come up with to date.
I can also say with confidence that in my opinion at least, .

Adobe Premiere Pro CC more than justifies the price

It’s worth remembering that not only are there various options available, but this is the main video editing suite used by some of the biggest names in the business worldwide.
Hence, it’s just about as good as it gets – there’s nothing on the market that outperforms Adobe Premiere Pro CC by way of features, functionalities, power, performance, versatility, intuitiveness, user friendliness and so on.
Of course, I’m not oblivious to the fact that the initial learning curve with software suites like this can be a little steep.
When you first see just how huge Adobe Premiere Pro CC is by way of its depth and complexity, it can be a little off-putting.
Nevertheless, arm yourself with a decent tutorial (plus a fair amount of ambition) and you’ll probably be surprised how quickly you get to grips with its most important features and functionalities.

It’s a predominantly positive story with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

which for anyone who takes video editing seriously is an absolute must.
The biggest pros of the package as a whole being as follows: Industry-quality video editing software for pros.
Huge library of effects and general editing options.
Superior quality audio editing and manipulation.
Supports the vast majority of major formats.
Hugely intuitive interface for user friendliness.
Continuously updated for ongoing improvementsAllows video content to be edited in real time.
Enhanced support for VR video production and editing.
Excellent integration with other Adobe software suites.
You have to dig pretty deeply to find anything genuinely negative to say about Adobe Premiere Pro CC, though I’ll admit there’s no such thing as a flawless video editing suite.
The only drawbacks I could think of when evaluating Adobe Premiere Pro CC objectively and rationally were as follows: Needs a pretty powerful machine to run at its best.
Some purchase/subscription packages are quite expensiveInitial trial limited to 30 days only.
System requirements exceed the capacity of most laptops.
Initial learning curve a little steep.
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