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gambling is a part of the Korean’s lifestyle

South Korea Land Based  Casino s.
Korea, especially the southern portion, it known to be one of the more technologically  advanced  areas.
Regardless of their advances, online gambling still remains illegal and is targeted by  the government .

But this doesn’t stop the Koreans from finding good gambling facilities

See, gambling is a part of the Korean’s lifestyle.

It all started back around the end of World War II
During the time when the country separated into the North and South

gambling quickly became a part of their lives.
In 1967 they became legal and hotels welcomed  casino s into their establishments.
Today there are nine different cities that have legalized gambling facilities within them.
In total.

There are 20 physical establishments that allow the Koreans to play poker

craps, roulette and various other games.
Cheju has a total of six gaming facilities.
These  casino s have 104 different table games and over 218 video slots and poker machines.
Here are some of the  best casino s in this country.

Kangwon Land Casino & Hotel The largest of all casinos is the Kangwon Land Casino & Hotel

This one is located in the city of Sabuk-eup and there are more than two hundred various  table games .
They also have 1,360  video poker  machines for those who can’t’ get enough poker.
There are more than 1,300  slot machine s with all sorts of bidding denominations.
This facility was opened in October 12, 2000 and has 12,000 sq /ft of playing area.
The minimum bidding amount is $10.
The area also has several  restaurants  and dining options for those who want to make a day of it.

Seven Luck Casino Seoul Gangnam With 71 table games

the Seven Luck Casino Seoul Gangnam opened its doors in January 27, 2006.
For starters, there are four tables in this 24/7 casino.
This institution is 57,909 sq/ft and chalked full of slot machines and other gaming tables.
There are 119 gaming tables in all, as well as 4 poker tables.

A delicious Asian noodle restaurant is on the premises

as well as other dining options.
The hotel rates are between $260.00 – $482.00 a night.
This establishment seems to beckon to an affluent younger crowd.
While these are just a couple of the larger and best casinos in the area, .

South Korea certainly has many gaming options available

There are also numerous illegal establishments, which makes it important to ensure that players are dealing with some of the countries most reputable places.
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