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▸  Developer Guides Developer Guides

Solar2D Native.
Developer Guides.
Corona Basics.
Building and  Distribution .
Graphics / Audio /  Animation .
Events and Listeners.
UI / Scenes.
System / Hardware.
Communication /  Social .
Data / Files / Strings.
▸  Developer Guides    Developer Guides.
These are current guides on selected topics.

For the most current API-specific reference

please see the.
Introduction to Lua.
System  Requirements .
Installing Solar2D — macOS.
Installing Solar2D —  Windows .
Corona Basics.
Project  Configuration .
Application  Environment .
Performance and  Optimization .
Debugging Guide.
Building and  Distribution .
Project Build Settings.
Generating Live Builds.

Provisioning and Building — iOS

Signing and Building —  Android .

Signing and Building — Kindle Fire

Creating macOS Desktop Apps.
Creating Win32 Desktop Apps.
Advanced Build Settings.
Apple TV / tvOS.
Building Launch Screens — iOS.
Managing Xcode Assets.
Android Adaptive Icons.
App Localization — iOS.

Using JavaScript in HTML5 Builds

Monetization Guide.
In-App Purchasing (IAP).
Graphics / Audio / Animation.
Display Objects — Images, Text, Shapes, etc.
Group Programming.
Transforms and Anchors.
Image Sheets.
Shapes — Paths, Fills, Strokes.
Masking Images.
Image Effects — Filters, Generators, Composites.
2.5D — Perspective and Depth.
Repeating Fills.

Using Containers (Clipped Groups)

Snapshots (Render to Texture).
Custom Shader Effects.
Texture Loading/Management.
Audio Usage/Functions.
Sprite Animation.
Events and Listeners.

Basic Interactivity and Event Detection

Tap / Touch / Multitouch.
Local/Push Notifications.
UI / Scenes.

Composer Library (Scene Management)

Widget APIs.
Using Custom Fonts.

Adaptive Scaling (Resolution Independence)

System / Hardware.
System/OS Libraries.

Managing App Transport Security — iOS

Game Controllers.
MFi Controllers.
Physics Setup.
Physics Bodies.
Collision Detection.
Physics Joints.
Physics Notes/Limitations.
Communication / Social.
Facebook Portal Setup.
Implementing Facebook.
Data / Files / Strings.
Reading and Writing Files.
Lua String Manipulation.
Lua File System (LFS).


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