We wanted EasyPoker to mimic a real life game of poker

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Anders Eggert.
Ulrik Hunskjær.
Tobias Eberhard.
Martin Jensen.
Growth Hacker.
EasyPoker was born out of a recurring desire to kill time with friends at boring social events.
We wanted to play poker but quickly realised that this needed some planning.  Someone had to bring a deck of cards and enough chips to go around.
We couldn’t just sit down whenever we were together and have a spontaneous game of poker.
Frustrated, we searched for poker apps, but they were all meant for sitting alone, playing against avatars around a virtual table.
Not at all the face to face poker experience we were looking for .
So we set out to build the app we really wanted.
We wanted EasyPoker to mimic a real life game of poker.
This dictated most of the design choices to the app.
A real life poker set doesn’t require players to register a credit card – so EasyPoker doesn’t.
Most poker apps are played horizontally, but playing cards are usually held vertically – so we designed the app to be played vertically.  We even integrated an intuitive way for you to see and hide your cards – allowing you to put your phone down on the table without other players seeing your hand.
These are all conscious choices we’ve made to ensure that EasyPoker comes as close to real life face to face poker as possible.
You’re welcome.
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