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Connor September 8, 2020 No Comments Pin It “That Guy” is a term that has existed for a very long time.
Commonly, it’s used to point out someone who looks, acts, or gives off uniquely distateful vibes.

It’s That Guy” says one friend to another as Jimbo saunters up

ready to open another conversation with an inappropriate joke.
If you’re a human being you’ve met, been around, .

Or maybe even been “That Guy” at some stage

It’s not a gender-determinitive term, but you can just hear the exasperation in the term, as opposed to “That Person”.
In Role Playing, .

“That Guy” is the person that sucks all the fun out of the game

The one who makes you question what else you could be doing with your weekends.
Actually, there’s a few types of “That Guy” and I’m here to break them down, give you their strengths and weaknesses, and best equip you to deal with them as a player.
Physically Offensive Guy.

The Physically Offensive Guy is someone who could be the most lovely

skilled, accommodating player in the room.
The problem is that they’re in the room; their odour, breath, or clothing is near unbearable to be around.
This is the kind of person you want playing next week, so you want to give them a nudge without being obvious.
How do you beat “That Guy”.
Bring Gum and/or Deoderant to your game, when you’re starting to get uncomfortable, use it, and then offer it around.
Not only does this solve the problem today, you’re starting a pattern and they start to realise there’s an expectation of hygeine.
Have a quiet, private conversation.
Honesty goes a long way.
Rules-Lawyer Guy.
Rules-Lawyer Guy has to be right.
Did your DM simplify the 40000 step grapple procedure.
They hate that.
Do they interupt combat to check your to-hit math.
Yeah they’re dragging out the game with their interludes, but what they’re actually doing is putting the spotlight on themselves.
How do you beat “That Guy”.

Typically the DM has the power to rein in the Rules-Lawyer Guy

Ignoring the interjections, overriding the interruptions.

And taking a hard stance that “The DM has control over the story

I make the decisions to better engage with the story” should solve your problems.
As a player, not engaging with the behaviour means they don’t get the spotlight, which is what they really want.
“Lol So Randumb”Guy.
This player can’t help themselves, they have to derail or inject their personal brand of ‘humour’ into the game.
As a result, NPC children are smacked around, essential characters are accosted, and the story generally takes a back-seat to shenanigans.
If this is how you enjoy the game, cool, run with it.
Otherwise: How do you beat “That Guy”.
They’re attention seekers.
Don’t give them attention, don’t get suckered in to their diversions.

The DM has the right to say no to their disjointed garbage

Call them out.
Showing that the group wants to move forward with the story gives them a clear indication that their hijinks aren’t in line with the group’s goals.
Only Here to Flirt Guy.
Sometimes, you’ll get a new player and it becomes absolutely clear after a few sessions that the only reason they’ve joined is that their crush is at the table.
They role-play a self insert character, display ostentatious behaviour, project their most desirable characteristics (ramped up to 11) and in the worst case, start harassing their crush’s character.
How do you beat “That Guy”.

Someone (your DM most likely) should pull them aside and have the conversation

You probably don’t want them to leave, but the tactic of flirting-by-proxy doesn’t really work.
Actually playing the game can lead to a relationship building on its own!.
If this doesn’t work, and the toxicity is too much, they may need to be expelled from the group.
Don’t tolerate harassment (even by proxy).
PowerGamer Guy.
This guy HAS to win.
They comb forums, scour rulebooks, cite obscure material, and do math like they’re Zach Galifinakis in The Hangover to make their character.
This character will outperform everything that the party should be able to, making the other players almost obsolete.
How do you beat “That Guy”.

The DM has the right to veto characters

and limit resources the players might use in character creation (As a DM I’m a Core Races and officially printed Classes only guy).
If it’s going to break the story, .

The DM can fudge numbers and results

Part of the role is to allow each player a time to shine, so you can remove randomness to do so.
If the PGG and another PC succeed a check, give the other PC the spotlight this time.
Of course, there are always more “That Guy”s, if you’ve got more, drop us a comment with your story.
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Doom Eternal is actually very different than the first game

Doom Eternal Review.
, by Spread the Word.

Doom Eternal was a wild ride from the time I started until the end credits rolled

I was glad when it was over though.
Here’s what I thought of it.
The Doom reboot played really well and so does its sequel.
Doom Eternal took everything that was great about the first game’s gameplay and refined it while adding enough to it to make it feel fresh.
This game plays excellently.
It’s fast-paced, gory, over-the-top action is better than ever.
It doesn’t redefine the FPS genre like I’ve heard some people claim it does (that title still belongs to Titanfall 2), but it’s still fun as hell that does a lot right and very little wrong.
Aside from the gameplay, Doom Eternal is actually very different than the first game.
It’s like a weird Metroidvania, but it’s not really a Metroidvania.
It does have elements of one though and I really enjoyed exploring the world that ID created much more than I did in the first game.

Doom Eternal is a big step in the right direction for me

I liked the reboot.
I liked it a lot, but I never considered it to be one of the best FPS games in the genre like some people did.
It just didn’t do enough for me to give it that amount of praise.

But I can totally see myself adding Doom Eternal to that list and it’s a really

really good list of games.

I mentioned that Doom Eternal was a lot different than Doom

Exploration plays just as big a part as killing demons in this game.
As a matter of fact, some areas in this game can only be accessed by acquiring a certain item and backtracking to where that locked door was.
There are even hidden challenges called Slayer Gates that can only be reached by finding the Slayer Keys hidden around certain zones.
Be warned though these challenges are not for the faint of heart and require some skill to get through.
In between missions you’ll be transported back to your ship that hovers over Earth.
You’ll be able to unlock secret doors for rewards and use the items you get from completing Slayer Gates to unlock the Unmakyr and my god it’s an awesome weapon.

In addition to Slayer Gates being added

there are also new ways for you to get around the map.
Doom Guy can climb, double jump, and dash (both on the ground and in midair) as well as unlock new abilities by using praetor suit tokens.

Doom Eternal is a beautiful game

I ran this game on the highest settings and never dropped a single frame the entire time I played on my ultra-wide display.
I played in 2560 x 1440p and it was glorious.
The graphical detail present in this game was incredible.
Doom Guy has never looked better and brutally killing hordes of demons was a visual treat for my eyes.
Some areas looked out of this world good and the fact that it ran so well really impressed me.
This is definitely one of the better PC ports I’ve played in the last few years.

I had ZERO issues running this game on my PC

The graphical options are plentiful and that’s always a major plus for me.
Doom Eternal has more than 15 options for you to tweak to your liking and get the game running according to your own personal taste.
I always disable motion blur because I hate it.
I also almost always have my shadows one tick lower than everything else if I have performance issues.
Since I didn’t have any I left it alone.
The PC port here is incredible.

You want to know what else Id nailed in Doom Eternal besides

you know, everything.
The sound effects, voice acting, and the soundtrack are top-notch.
The soundtrack here is fucking incredible.
I don’t know how else to put it.
If you love metal (who doesn’t?) you’ll LOVE the soundtrack here.
What I loved the most is that Mick Gordon knew when to dial it back a notch and when to ramp it up.
When you’re blasting demons away with your boomstick it sounds good.
Demons screeching in the background while you murder their brethren sounds really good.
Even the voice acting is really good.

You even get to hear what Doom Guy sounds like

It was an incredible experience.
I really enjoyed the story more from a lore perspective than what was being shown on screen.
While there were some really neat moments and incredible gameplay sections I never left this game thinking how incredible the story or characters were.
I left thinking about how awesome the gameplay and lore were and how I wanted to know more about everything.
The story isn’t bad at all though.
There were a lot of great moments there.
The origins of Doom Guy, the main antagonist, the demon invasion of Earth, etc.
It was good stuff.
Multiplayer: The multiplayer held the first Doom game back from getting a great score and it does so again in this game.
Doom Eternal is basically the perfect FPS game without multiplayer and the multiplayer being here added absolutely nothing to the experience for me.
It was honestly incredibly boring.
The main menu is also incredibly boring, but that’s just a nitpick.

Doom Eternal’s singleplayer is absolutely incredible

The multiplayer is not.
Doom Eternal was incredible.
I loved every second of it and I would gladly play through it again.

The moment to moment gameplay was some of the best I”ve ever had in an FPS game

The platforming sections were good, the soundtrack was fantastic, and this game even told a good story.
What more can you ask for in a game like this.
The multiplayer was a major letdown, but everything else just worked and I walked away very satisfied and wanting more.

If you”re a fan of FPS games you need to buy this game

8.5 8.5.
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