We wanted EasyPoker to mimic a real life game of poker

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Just some guys who wants to make poker great again.
Anders Eggert.
Ulrik Hunskjær.
Tobias Eberhard.
Martin Jensen.
Growth Hacker.
EasyPoker was born out of a recurring desire to kill time with friends at boring social events.
We wanted to play poker but quickly realised that this needed some planning.  Someone had to bring a deck of cards and enough chips to go around.
We couldn’t just sit down whenever we were together and have a spontaneous game of poker.
Frustrated, we searched for poker apps, but they were all meant for sitting alone, playing against avatars around a virtual table.
Not at all the face to face poker experience we were looking for .
So we set out to build the app we really wanted.
We wanted EasyPoker to mimic a real life game of poker.
This dictated most of the design choices to the app.
A real life poker set doesn’t require players to register a credit card – so EasyPoker doesn’t.
Most poker apps are played horizontally, but playing cards are usually held vertically – so we designed the app to be played vertically.  We even integrated an intuitive way for you to see and hide your cards – allowing you to put your phone down on the table without other players seeing your hand.
These are all conscious choices we’ve made to ensure that EasyPoker comes as close to real life face to face poker as possible.
You’re welcome.
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both within Creditinfo and towards our customers

Vision & Mission.
Our mission is to provide intelligent information and solutions for businesses and institutions to strengthen economic growth through effective decisioning and better financial inclusion.
To enrich people’s lives and improve business performance s by converting data into actionable insights for responsible lending.
Our Values.
Symbolizes all our work, both within Creditinfo and towards our customers .
We provide high-quality service and maintain a positive and diverse workplace.
We work with integrity.
We lead transformation .
We are ambitious in our work; we challenge ourselves and take initiative to find solutions and create value for our customers .
No nonsense.
We find the essence in all that we do.
The purpose is what matters and that we provide value in our services .
We are self-motivated and energetic.
We are approachable and easy t work with for our clients .
That is how we get things done .
About Us.
Vision & Mission.
Creditinfo Chronicle.
Vision & Mission.

Why Bring Your Consumer and Sensory Testing to Compusense?

Industry-Leading Expertise and Solutions

From Canada to the world, trust us to profile your product, your consumers, and provide you with the results you need.
Why Bring Your Consumer and Sensory Testing to Compusense?.
World-renowned research and expertise.
Industry-leading solutions, tailored to your needs.
State-of-the-art testing facilities around the world.
Innovative testing and research methods.
Engaged participant panel recruitment and training.
Manage all aspects of your consumer and sensory testing needs.
Your Trusted Partner.
Our team follows a full-service approach to partnership.
We work with you to evaluate your project objectives, testing details and deliverables, and develop a customized solution that effectively identifies the product characteristics and differences that matter to you.
Contact Us Harness Our Knowledge and Experience.

When you engage with Compusense

you gain access to a diverse team of sensory experts.
Our cross-functional industry experience, combined with our background in food science and nutrition, gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently assess your project needs to fulfill your project goals.
Contact Us Today Building Better Insights and Confidence.
We apply a broad range of statistical methods to the data you provide.
We’ll share your results in an easily understandable format that translates complex attributes into clear conclusions.
How We Can Help Compusense Testing sites.
Our main sensory centre is located in Guelph, Ontario, .

Canada and can be customised to your project requirements

Our facility features a versatile testing space that can be used for a variety of applications including product profiling, consumer testing, group discussions, one-on-one interviewing and many other testing scenarios.
We also have an extensive home-use panelist database, with a wide representation of demographics.
Not in the Toronto area.
We also have access to testing sites all over the world.
In Canada Toronto Montreal, QC Edmonton, AB Calgary, AB Vancouver.

BC Atlantic Canada In the USA Chicago

IL New York, NY Atlanta, GA Dallas, TX Los Angeles, CA Cincinnati, OH Orlando, FL International Pretoria, South Africa Bangkok, Thailand Reading, United Kingdom Panel Recruitment and Training.
We will take care of all aspects of your testing, from state-of-the-art testing facilities to engaged participant panels.

Learn More Become a Panelist

For over 30 years, our trained panelists have evaluated a variety of products and participated in diverse studies.
Apply now to take part in upcoming panels.

Sign Up Overview

Consumer and Sensory Testing Made Simple

Consumer and Sensory Testing Made Simple .
Understand your products and customers with Compusense Cloud Features Request a Demo Software.

Get valuable consumer and product insights with Compusense® Cloud

our innovative SaaS platform.
Get Started Today Consumer and Sensory Solutions.
We’ll take care of all aspects of your testing, from state-of-the-art testing facilities to engaged participant panels.
Find Out More Research.
Explore the latest in our consumer and sensory research, as we develop and refine industry standards and best practices .
See What’s New Supporting the Success of Our World-Renowned Clients.

Compusense is trusted by hundreds of corporations

institutions, and organizations in over 50 different countries.
Abbott Nutrition American Dairy Queen Corp.
Avon Products Inc .
Boston Beer Brown-Forman Beverages Clorox Services Company DairiConcepts Deschutes Brewery, Inc.
Distell LTD DSM Nutritional Products Ferrero Givaudan Flavors Inc.
Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation LCBO McDonalds Corporation Molson Coors Brewing Company Nando’s Perdue Farms Inc.
Rich Products Corporation Starbucks Coffee Company View the Full List Consumer and Sensory Testing Anywhere.

Access our industry leading SaaS platform – from any device

anytime, anywhere.
Request a Demo Industry-Leading Expertise and Solutions.
From Canada to the world.

Trust Compusense to profile your product

your consumers, and provide you with the results you need.
Let Us Help You Get the Results You Need.
We provide exceptional, ongoing support, unparalleled reliability, and renowned scientific and research expertise.
How We Can Help A Partner You Can Trust.
We provide exceptional, ongoing support, unparalleled reliability, and renowned scientific and research expertise.
About Us Inspiring Consumer and Sensory Innovation Around the World.
We are proud of our continued contributions to global research and industry best practices.
Find Out Why Questions.
We’re Here to Help.
Learn more about how we can add value to your next project.
Our team is ready to deliver a solution that works for you.
Ask about our proven approaches to consumer and sensory testing.
Contact Us.

Reduced IT operational costs by as much as 60%

About Us.
We are not looking for a transactional relationship; but rather a true partnership .
We do not wish to be the IT vendor in the hallway; but rather your partner in the “ boardroom ”.
At Champion Solutions Group , we’re dedicated to delivering the most innovative IT solutions.
We’ve been around for more than 35 years and boast over 400 certifications, and we’re still just as excited about sharing the next generation of technology with our clients as we were on day one.
We work hard to provide personalized service every day as we help your business compete in an increasingly digital world.
We can help your company grow and provide a genuine partnership as your needs continue to change, no matter your system.
Our commitment and ability to offer customized solutions keep us at the top of our clients’ call lists.
Our mission is to deliver solutions and services that increase productivity, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.
As leaders in our field, we’ve never lost that creative spark that help s us innovate on systems that have long collected dust so we can push our clients to new heights.
If you’re ready to reach, we’re ready to get you there.
Customized Solutions for Your Business Developing the ideal solution for you is about much more than products.
We’re conversant with all the most popular products, but we operate autonomously so that our focus can be on you and your needs .
That’s where our creativity comes into play .
We don’t just sell you products – our vision is to deliver solutions that increase your productivity, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.
We believe that using your existing technology when it still serves its purpose beats selling you things you don’t need.
But if you need to upgrade your infra structure , we can show you how to do it economically.
And if you’re ready for a complete overhaul, we have you covered there, too.
You can place much of the day-to-day management of IT on our shoulders, giving you space and time to focus on what you do best, whether that’s coming up with the next big thing or providing your clients with the same great level of service we offer.

Our Five-Step Proven Methodology To make sure we determine the ideal solution for you

we use a time-tested methodology to empower your organization and keep your systems secure.
Clients who work with us have seen the following benefits: Reduced monthly hardware costs by as much as 30-50%.
Reduced IT operational costs by as much as 60%.
Improved overall system utilization by up to 40%.

Reduced energy and power usage by hundreds of dollars on a per server

per year basis.
We provide a comprehensive set of customize d support services throughout the IT decision-making process.
Our five-step method includes: Discovery .
Our consultants sit down with you and we listen.
That’s it.
We listen, we ask questions, and we let you talk about your needs before offering cost-effective solutions.
As they say, if something isn’t broken, we won’t try to fix it.
Our engineering staff provides a comprehensive analysis of your data, past and current projects, and vendor partner databases.
We provide you with a detailed report of how your company’s present situation relates to your existing and future technology needs.
Our next step is to generate a report card with best practices and recommendations to identify issues and opportunities within your IT environment.
Based on our assessment, we’ll provide a proposed action plan tailored to your organization’s requirements and constraints, and designed to help your team improve productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risks.
We keep an eye on your budget as if it were ours.
We offer delivery, implementation, integration, and onsite training of the recommended solution.
Our team of certified engineers will implement the architecture blueprint designed in collaboration with our two teams, .

Project managed under the Project Management Institute (PMI) framework

Training and end user adoption are an integral part of the implementation process.
We’ve rightfully earned a reputation for designing and architecting solutions that solve real business challenges for our clients.
Ongoing Support.
Champion provides ongoing lifecycle support to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your investment.
Our continuous care includes monitoring, reporting, problem remediation, and help desk support.
Champion has one loyalty and that is to our clients.
We take a vendor-neutral approach, which means we find the best solution based on all of your requirements — with a close eye on keeping costs down.
Our proven methodology allows us to leverage your existing technology investments to their fullest before recommending a new and unbiased solution.
To learn how we can make your business run better than you ever imagined, contact us today.
Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn how our 35 years of experience can empower your organization to reduce costs, increase productivity, and mitigate risks.
Which service are you interested in.

Mobility SolutionsCloud SolutionsSecurityData Management ABOUT US

At Champion Solutions Group, our passion is delivering the highest level of sales, technical, and customer service.
We’re not looking for a transactional relationship, but a partnership.
We’re not just the IT vendor in the hallway.
We’re also your partner in the boardroom.


About Us.
Privacy Statement.

Lots of data are recorded in CERRIX

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About Us.
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White papers.
About Us.

DATA & PRIVACY MANAGEMENT We have the keystone for your privacy compliance with GDPR

INTEGRATION GDPR & GRC One application for process management

risk- and data management.
RISK & CONTROL CYCLE With CERRIX you realize a continuous process with all your internal and external stakeholders.
Previous Next What we can provide in the field of.
Risk Management.
How do you ensure that responsibilities related to processes, products, risks and effective control are properly anchored.
With CERRIX, you can safeguard the 3-Lines-of-Defence model in an efficient manner.
Risk awareness is the first step in risk management.

Periodic Risk Assessments contribute to this awareness

Has the risk profile increased or decreased.

And what will our response be to this (risk response)

Safeguarding legal requirements and/or best-practice work methods in company processes is a real challenge.
CERRIX supports multiple framework controls and can establish a real-time link to on-line web databases.
“The CERRIX product is a result of close co-operation between business consultants with experience in the GRC domain, the CERRIX client base and experienced software developers with knowledge of recent state-of-the-art techniques.” What we can provide in the field of.
Risk Control.
Process Management.
Having a visual representation of the various work flows is useful to support operational processes.
In CERRIX, it is possible to directly link risks, controls and RACIs.
Process flow overviews also indicate the level of effectiveness and any incidents.
The ability to continuously demonstrate the effectiveness of your controls is becoming increasingly important.
CERRIX will therefore automatically notify the right person of the test activities that should be performed periodically.
The evaluation of the results provides a complete overview.
Theme-based audits and scheduled audits can result in improvement actions.
These should be followed up as part of a work flow.
Based on a proper, integrated approach, the follow-up process can be organized properly.
A good presentation of the information provides insight more quickly What we can provide in the field of.
Risk Intelligence.
Lots of data are recorded in CERRIX.
To use these data properly, they need to be interpreted correctly.

CERRIX features a convenient dashboard that displays all relevant information at a glance

You can easily filter the elements you want displayed.
The dashboard is also available on smartphones.
The 360-degree option ensures that the controller, management team and auditor can all process their comments on-line.
Which makes it a proactive dashboard.
“Data breaches and Cyber threats are high risks for the coming years.” What we can provide in the field of.
Risk Intelligence.
Lots of data are recorded in CERRIX.
To use these data properly, they need to be interpreted correctly.
CERRIX features a convenient dashboard that displays all relevant information at a glance.
You can easily filter the elements you want displayed.
The dashboard is also available on smartphones.
The 360-degree option ensures that the controller, management team and auditor can all process their comments on-line.
Which makes it a proactive dashboard.
Is CERRIX right for you?.
CERRIX GRC software was developed with the underlying vision that different stakeholders will view the company’s activities from a different perspective and with a different sense of responsibility.
In CERRIX, the Risk Universe is shared by all disciplines as a simplified model of the company.
This offers many advantages.

Do the GRC software check below!

Tester →.
Auditor →.
Process Owner →.
Privacy Officer →.
In samenwerking met onze partner IIA Nederland organiseren we dit online event voor de CAE.

Three Lines Model : Wat betekent dit voor de audit-werkwijze

August 5, 2020 Read more » CERRIX heeft de Samenwerking “Partnerschap” met IIA – NL.
April 7, 2020 Read more » CERRIX GRC Participates in ECIIA2019 Luxembourg.
September 22, 2019 An impression of the CERRIX GRC Solutions at ECIIA – European Confederation of Internal Audit Institutions in Luxembourg from 18 to 20 September 2019 Read more » Newsletter.
Stay up to date.
Sign up to stay informed of the latest developments Name Email address Sign up MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CERRIX.
Contact us via tel: +31 (0) 70-363 77 33, or use our contact form.
About Cerrix.
CERRIX is a software and consultancy organization that specializes in the area of risk and process management.
This field is still developing and CERRIX wants to contribute to innovation so that an organization can realize its risk management more effectively.
Contact Information.
About Us.
© Copyright 2019 – Cerrix B.
Developed by.


It shouldn’t need to be said, and yet it needs to be shouted, over and over.
The US has an especially egregious problem among developed nations with police violence (while data is difficult to obtain and interpret,… ,.
We will remind you periodically of all the topics we have covered recently (No ads and no spam).
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All rights reserved.
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Ships with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) 3

Kyocera Hydro.
Kyocera Hydro.
Kyocera Hydro.
× Kyocera Hydro is the first IPX5- and IPX7-level water-proof Android™-powered smartphone that doesn’t require a contract.
Kyocera Hydro is “oops proof,” with innovative technology built to withstand sprayed water like rain (IPX5) or even being submerged in 3 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes (IPX7).
Kyocera recognizes that mobile phone accidents happen, but unlike cracked screens or broken keypads that can be replaced, water damage is usually irreversible.
According to industry statistics, more than 82.5 million mobile phones nationwide have been destroyed by water or moisture.
Kyocera Hydro ships with the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system and includes additional features such as Eco Mode for battery management and Swype for faster, easier touchscreen typing.
ManufacturerKyocera TypeLithium Ion (Li-Ion) (1500 mAH) Talk time8 hours Removeable storagemicroSD card (2GB included, max 32GB) RAM512MB Internal Storage600MB WiFi802.11 b/g/n BluetoothBluetooth 2.1 GPSYes OS VersionAndroid 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) UIBoost ID Dimensions62.0 mm (w) 115.0 mm (h) 12.8 mm (d) Weight120.0 grams Screen size 3.5 (inches) Screen resolutionHVGA (480 x 320) Touch screenYes CPUMSM8655 FM RadioNo Physical keyboardNo AccelerometerYes MegaPixels3.2 megapixels FeaturesFlash Video 1.
Certified IPX5 waterproof, for protection against water jets, and IPX7 waterproof, for protection against water immersion for up to 30 minutes in up to 1 meter (3.28 feet) 2.
Ships with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) 3.

Eco Mode – a battery power management application 4

Swype for faster, easier touchscreen typing.
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